If you need to take medication on a regular basis, your doctor may decide to issue you with repeat prescriptions. This will remove the necessity for you to be seen every time you need a fresh supply of medicines.

How do I order my Repeat Prescription?

We would like to announce 2 changes to our prescription ordering which will come into effect from the 18th April 2022.

  • From the 18th April all prescription requests will take a minimum of 72 hours (3 working days excluding weekends)
  • From the 18th April any prescription requests which are received after 3pm will not be looked at until the next day.

It is with regret that these 2 changes must be put into place however due to staff shortages they are unavoidable at this time.

We would encourage all of our patients to request their medication 3-5 days before they run out to give the practice plenty of time to ensure the prescription is issued and with your chemist.

COVID-19 Prescription Update

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we have amended how we accept prescription requests.

The following methods can be used to order your prescription:

Please note that we are not currently accepting prescription requests on paper.

Prescription requests are a minimum of 48 hours. For example, a request submitted on a Monday will be ready on the Wednesday. A request submitted on a Friday may not be ready until the following Tuesday.

Please also take this into account when there is a bank holiday.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a NHS service that allows us to send your prescription(s) directly to your chosen pharmacy. This paper-free prescription service means that you do not have to come into the surgery to collect your prescription.

We encourage all patients to register for this free service. You can register for electronic prescribing by completing our online EPS registration form.

If you Forget to Request a Repeat Prescription

If you forget to obtain a prescription for repeat medication and run out of important medicines, you may be able to get help from your pharmacy. Under the Urgent Provsion of Repeat Medication Service, pharmacists may be able to supply you with a further cycle of a previously repeated medicine without having to get a prescription from your GP.

Telephone your usual pharmacy to check that they offer this service first, they may direct you to another pharmacy who provides this or ask you to phone 111 to request details of a local pharmacy that provides the service. You must then take identification and proof of the medication such as your repeat prescription list or the empty box which should have your details printed on it. Please note that controlled drugs and antibiotics are not provided through this service, you will need to ring 111 for these.

If you receive stoma products from your pharmacy or other suppler and/or receive supplies such as continence products, you should ensure you have sufficient supplies as you may encounter difficulties in obtaining theses over bank holidays, or when we are closed.

For more information, please visit NHS: Out-Of-Hours Medicines.

Medication reviews

The doctors at the Practice regularly review the medication you are taking. This may involve changes to your tablets, in accordance with current Health Authority policies. Please be reassured that this will not affect your treatment. We may sometimes call you in for a medication review and this may involve blood tests. It is very important that you attend these appointments, as it keeps you safe whilst taking medication.

If you have been advised by the surgery that your medication review is due, please complete our Medication Review form.

Non-Repeat Items (Acute Requests)

Non repeat prescriptions known as “acute” prescriptions are medicines that have been issued by the doctor but not added to your repeat prescription records. This is normally a new medication issued for a short period and may require a review visit with your doctor prior to being added onto your repeat prescription records. Some medications are recorded as acute as they require to be closely monitored by the doctor. You may therefore not always be issued with your requested medication as you may need to consult with your doctor.

Hospital Requests

When you are discharged from hospital you should normally receive 5 – 7 days supply of medication.

If you have been seen in a local hospital we should receive your discharge summary electronically. Once we have received this it will be reviewed by a member of our clinical team and your medications will be updated (if required). If you have been seen in a hospital out of the Greater Manchester area your discharge summary may take longer to be received. In this case you can provide a copy of your discharge summary that you will have received for us to review.

Hospital out patient clinic requests for change of medication will be checked by the GP first, and if necessary your doctor will issue you with a prescription. Please bear in mind these will take a minimum of 48 hours from the date we receive the letter from the hospital.

New Medicine Service (NMS)

The first time you are prescribed a medicine to treat a long-term condition, you may be able to get extra help and advice about your medicine from your local pharmacist through a free scheme called the New Medicine Service (NMS).

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website: NHS prescription charges.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions by visiting