Changing IT Systems

We would like to inform our patients that on the 20th September 2022 we will be changing clinical IT systems.

Why are we changing IT systems ?

After review of our processes, we believe an upgrade of IT systems will benefit the practice , improve patient care and administration, and bring us in line with other practices in Greater Manchester. We believe the new system will be better and easier to use for our staff, improve outcomes for our patients and is more reliable.

Changing clinical systems is a huge change with most of our staff using the new clinical system for the first time. There is a lot of work for our staff before our migration date of the 20th September and for a short time our service will be affected in a few ways including:

The week commencing 19th September until 22nd September -Reduced appointment capacity for medical

problems – we would appreciate where the need for an appointment is not urgent that you contact us after the 22nd of September. Please note we will be offering the same number of appointments as before but just urgent and on the day appointments only(you won’t be to pre-book appointments until the following week)

The weeks commencing 12th & 19th September until the 22nd of September – Reduced nursing appointments – we are offering the same number of appointments as before BUT only urgent tests or reviews will be performed during this time.

From the 9th September until 22nd September – No electronic prescriptions during this time- any prescriptions issued during this time will be printed & will require collection from the practice.

From the 12th September until 22nd September – routine referrals to services where the booking takes place on the Electronic Referral System will be delayed until we are on the new clinical system. Any suspected cancer referrals or clinically urgent referrals will still go ahead as normal via other routes.

This time will be very stressful for our staff as they will still need to perform their regular duties as well as learn a new system so we would appreciate everyone’s patience & understanding.

Our service will return to normal on the 22nd of September.

Further updates will be provided in due course, for now no action needs to be taken.